Since very young I have always been attracted by creativity and art. I love making objects with my hands and sharing them with my family which is essential to me in the creative process.

When I was younger I went to art school, I studied Applied Arts to learn more about the creative process. Then, for a few years I put art aside, but in 2016 I found a new way to express my creativity: sewing. Thanks to my perseverance I learned the basics. And by training, doing and undoing, testing, I got to where I am today. Sewing has become my passion, and I can spend whole afternoons in my workspace. I like creating cute but functional objects that can easily be used in everyday life. Naturally I turned towards more zero waste options that can be used infinitely for a more sustainable life on this planet of ours. Don't mind having a look around my shop to discover all my hand sewn items!

Charlotte Dreams Art